Monday, October 8, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Our Ballet classes for Boys and Men

Our belief and philosophy for training boys in ballet is that boys absolutely need to be in classes with other boys.  When a boy who loves to dance looks around and sees that he is surrounded by girls, all dressed in pink, they begin to question their desire to dance and come to the conclusion that ballet is for girls.  

The only way to develop a desire to continue in ballet is to have boys in classes with other boys.  Boys have an energy and competitiveness that makes boys classes especially compelling for boys to embrace masculinity and athleticism in ballet.   

Our boys look up to our men and teens who are setting a great example for them of strong male dancers as they lift the girls above their heads in our partnering classes and performances.  

We have 2 levels of boys ballet classes and our program is growing more each year.  This year we  are opening a 3rd boys ballet class for 4 and 5 year old boys.  If you would like to try our boys classes, please email to register for a free month.  

Fun pictures from our recent performances of  Swan Lake 2018


"It takes an athlete to dance and an artist to be a dancer"

Summer Ballet at En Pointe

Our Summer classes for Pre-Pointe, Pointe and also Men's technique will begin in July. If you are interested in increasing your strength and technique over the summer, just email to learn more about our fantastic summer program.

Swan Lake 2018

Our performances of Swan Lake were so beautiful!  I am so proud of our dancers and so grateful for how smoothly everything went and how well everyone worked together to present such wonderful performances.  The energy and emotions backstage are always such a joy to experience.  Watching my youngest daughter perform brought many proud mama feelings.

Click on the links below to see snippets from our performances.