Why Choose En Pointe?

Why Choose En Pointe?

 *The only studio in West Jordan specializing exclusively in Classical Ballet
 *Boys only and Men's Ballet classes taught by a male instructor
 *Weekly Pas De Deux partnering classes Beginning to Advanced levels
 *Nurturing and encouraging class environment
 *All students perform annually in a full length classical story ballet   
 *Classically trained instructors who love ballet and teaching
 *Emphasis of correct ballet technique and French terminology
 *Age appropriate choreography and beautiful, modest costumes
 *Year round classes for increased strength and flexibility
 *Affordable rates and family discounts
 *Pre-Ballet and Kinder-Ballet classes during school hours
 *Maximum class size is 12 students
 *Syllabus is inspired by the original Cecchetti method
 *Large and elegant studio with oak suspended floors
 *We fully embrace the elegance of classical ballet

Welcome to En Pointe School of Ballet...
En Pointe School of Ballet is a warm and caring place where the grace, elegance, and technique of classical ballet are offered in a friendly studio environment to students ages 3 through adults.  Students are challenged each week to do their very best in an elegant studio and encouraging atmosphere that elevates them to excel.  It is my goal that students always leave classes feeling good about themselves and their progress. 

I love children and enjoy watching their self esteem soar as they learn to dance.  I enjoy bringing out the ability to dance that I believe everyone has within.  Classical Ballet provides the necessary foundation that is needed to be successful in every other form of dance. Ballet imparts certain gifts to a child which nothing else can. Poise, confidence, discipline, flexibility, grace and a quick and focused mind are some of the things you can expect for your child to gain. Proper safe technique and French Terminology are introduced to children at a very young age, but having fun while dancing is always emphasized.  

It is important to me to provide the best possible facility, instruction and environment for your child*s ballet education. We offer a limited class size to provide the best instruction and technique. En Pointe is NOT a competition school. Students explore artistry and technique through high quality performance opportunities in annual performances of a full-length classical story ballet. Not all students will choose to become professional dancers, but the discipline, commitment and increased self esteem they gain from ballet classes will shape them for the rest of their lives. It is important to me to create a safe haven - a home away from home that inspires both dreams and hard work.

En Pointe School of Ballet opened in 2010 and is flourishing.  It has been a dream come true to operate a ballet school and to have my students perform in full length classical ballets and our studio now has a repertoire typical of a professional ballet company. I love sharing the historic traditions and elegance of ballet with our dancers and audiences.  

A boys program was introduced to the curriculum in 2012 that has already grown to include multiple boys classes, men's classes, and partnering classes and is continuing to expand more each year. This is the perfect place for a boy to learn to dance, in a class with other boys, to fully embrace the athleticism of ballet. They learn discipline, focus, and respect for the art form of ballet as well as musicality, coordination, incredible strength and flexibility. Every boy should learn to dance as it greatly enriches their lives in so many ways.

We specialize exclusively in Ballet, beginning at age 3 with Pre-Ballet class, Ballet technique levels 1 through 5, Pre-pointe classes, Pointe classes, “Boys Only” classes, Men's classes, partnering/pas de deux classes, Beginning Teen classes, and Adult Ballet and Classical Barre classes.  

We are committed to teaching high quality ballet technique in an environment that encourages self worth, dedication, unity and integrity.  We honor and embrace the tradition and elegance of Classical Ballet and invite you to experience it with us at En Pointe School of Ballet.  

Email enpointeballet@comcast.net to register for a trial class. 

~ Rachael Ellis (Owner and Artistic Director)

This is one of my favorite quotes and it inspires me.  
This beautiful classical tutu was handmade by my mom when I was 13

photography by Tamra Hyde

Why Choose Ballet Classes?

*Ballet develops improved self image, confidence, self motivation, coordination, flexibility, physical strength and discipline which will carry over into other aspects of the student's life.

*Students engaged in movement and dance have higher levels of academic achievement, problem-solving skills, creativity, musicality and physical coordination.

*Ballet training develops strength, balance, flexibility and agility. 

*Ballet challenges the mind and body of children during their most important years of development and helps them to learn to focus. 

*Ballet introduces students to a foreign language and classical music, both of which increase cognitive learning.